Skadi is a comic created by artists Katie Rice and Luke Cormican that originally debuted in 2008 on  It chronicles the adventures of Skadi, a young Nordic barbarian and her loyal bushbeast slave, Diseasoid.  Together they wander the world as Skadi attempts to complete her religious quest to eat every type of meat in the world before she dies.  More about Skadi and her quest can be found in the New Readers section, or you can just start from the beginning with the Ballad of Skadi!

Katie is an aspiring comic artist who currently works in animation doing design and storyboards.  She writes and draws layouts for Skadi and is responsible for all character poses, inking, and color.  She has a number of websites where more of her art and comics can be seen, as listed here:

FunnyCute Blog

Luke is a director in TV animation who has also worked in storyboard. Luke also writes and draws layouts for Skadi, and is primarily in charge of color and background design.  Luke also had his own webcomic for a time, Wicked Wickle.