I’ve been doing tons of crazy freelance recently, and the latest is promotional comics for the new Assassin’s Creed game that’s coming out soon.  I feel pretty honored to have had the chance to work with Ubisoft on something like this…it’s actually a bit surreal! Obviously I have my friends at Penny Arcade to thank for helping me get this work. I also owe a more specific thank you to Mike and Jerry who wrote the comics, and an extra thanks for trusting me to illustrate them with total freedom. Anyhow here is the cover, click it to see the first pages! More are being released every other day, and there will be six in all.



OH and if you missed it, I also did a series of Diablo comics for Blizzard last month, also written by Mike and Jerry and drawn by me. Click below to read all five!


I guess I can no longer be afraid of drawing dudes!

Thanks for reading,